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Grown exclusively in Madinah Munawarrah, Thmr’s dates are 100% organic and retain their natural
flavor as well as superior texture. Rich in essential nutrients.

Indulge your senses with Thmr’s premium collection of gourmet dates. We grow our own date varieties,
From the delightfully chewy and sweet Ajwa dates, to the sumptuous toffee-flavored Safawi dates, you
won’t find such premium delightful delicacies anywhere else.

These dates are nature’s superfood that helped sustain generations of our ancestors by providing
instant energy and essential minerals and vitamins.

Owing to their organic growing method, Thmr dates are not exposed to any chemicals. This means, you
will experience the freshest and finest natural flavors of the dates.

Enjoy our Gourmet Thmr Dates

Hand picked and processed with care for your ultimate delight

Ajwa from RM 65
Mabroum from RM45
Mejdoul Medinah from RM49
Safawi from RM45
Sukari Ruthob

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